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By Kevin Pezzi, MD


A quick way to boost motivation

by , MD

A person who attended the Roeper School for the Gifted said that I have “one of the most interesting spots on the web.” That piqued my curiosity, so I Googled “Roeper” and found inspiring alumni stories. The one by Kristin Clark Taylor was beautifully written and emotionally captivating; it almost brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Stories like that can whet the appetite for learning and success as much as winter weather can whet the appetite for hot, tasty food.

Ms. Taylor and I came from the Detroit area to places that most of my readers figuratively want to go: from having dreams to fulfilling them. The road from Detroit to the White House, in Taylor's case, or from dunce to doctor, in my case, is long and occasionally arduous, so we all need an occasional pick-me-up to boost our spirits and heighten our enthusiasm. Taylor's story made my day, and it will likely do the same for you, too.

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